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Offering online training as well! facetime/Zoom!

Now offering hour and 1/2 hour sessions at the JEA in Savannah and at a private gym in Midway. Please contact Kathy at or at (912) 484-5813 for more information on how she can use her experience to help you reach your goals.

Kathy Ackerman, has been in the fitness industry for over 25 years. She started her career as a physical education teacher and soon realized her true passion was training and recreational programming. Over the years, she has created and taught a wide range of programs, all reflective of her own commitment to good physical health and spiritual well-being. These programs have included aquatics, sports, and fitness training for children through to senior citizens, sports safety, Yoga, and Pilates. Kathy has trained professional and elite athletes, celebrities, children, and special needs clients. She has also rehabbed cancer survivors and stroke victims. Kathy trains in several different disciplines but her true passion is Pilates. With Pilates training she has helped many people transform their lives and bodies. Kathy has choreographed and produced a successful Yoga Pilates exercise DVD. She is a Master Trainer in both Pilates and Yoga, and has conducted several training seminars around the country.

Kathy holds certifications with: AFAA, IFTA, American Red Cross, American Arthritic Assoc., AEA, Ellis and Assoc., YogaFit, Shanti Yoga, Physical Mind Institute, IM=X Pilates and is registered with Yoga Alliance. In her personal life, she enjoys participating in Marathons and Adventure Racing with her husband David and spending time watching her daughter Skylar, excel in life.

Kathy uses positive motivation and encouragement to help inspire others. She is unabashedly delighted as her students make their individual progress and is without a doubt, their biggest cheerleader. She is eager to share, totally involved and completely supportive. Kathy’s vision has always been to combine her experience and knowledge into her programming to help heal and strengthen others.

What is Pilates and Yoga and how can they help you?
by: Kathy Ackerman



Pilates is an exercise system created by Joseph Pilates in the 1940's to help rehabilitate War Veterans. With several technical and scientific advances in the past 70 years, Pilates training has become one of the front-runners in the fitness industry.
The main objective is core strengthening, by learning to use stabilization techniques through controlled movements. Pilates focuses on improving flexibility and strength without building bulk. Regular Pilates training can help those who suffer from chronic muscle or joint pain, as well as, help an athlete excel in their sport. 

The physiological results from regularly practicing Pilates include; spinal elongation, mobility and alignment, increased flexibility, correction of asymmetries, joint mobility and stabilization, muscle endurance and injury prevention, increased blood circulation,  just to mention a few!
Pilates is beneficial for not just the body, but the mind as well. Every exercise is guided by using a specific breathing technique. This helps the mind focus in on what is happening in the body, supporting the mind/body connection. "Inspire the mind, move the Body".  Kathy specializes in helping people focus on proper movement to enhance their activities in everyday living.


Yoga means Union, a joining of the mind and body. Yoga is an ancient system to care for the total health of the body and mind, which is over 4,000 years old. Deep breathing (Pranayama) is coordinated with the asanas (poses). Breath is the fuel of life, and the cornerstone of any yoga practice. Learning to use it effectively is the key to improving your practice. Yoga is a training system that can help you find more balance in your body and your life. Being able to do complicated postures does not necessarily mean you know how to do yoga. The essence of yoga is how aware you are of your personal limits and how you approach the challenge of those limits. Yoga is a tool to help open the physical and mental binds that block our full potential. 

The physical benefits of regular practice include muscle balance, skeletal alignment, muscle strength, increased range of motion, improve blood flow and improved function of glands and organs. There are also philosophical aspects to practicing yoga regularly that may include feeling more in balance and harmony with yourself and others. "A true mantra of mind/body connection". Kathy specializes in helping people focus on proper movement to enhance their activities in everyday living.

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